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Looking for pager-style email alerts?
Want a popup email notification?
Want to control which email alerts you?
MailTones gives you this and more!

MailTones lets you pick a fresh new email tone, and set custom tones for different contacts, subjects and email domains!

Pick a new email sound from over 60 alert tones included in MailTones, from subtle professional tones to whistles, horns and buzzers you'll pick out in the noisiest of places!

Read on to learn more, or watch our video tour...

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Screenshot of MailTones for iphone
Screenshot of MailTones for iphone

As well as playing new email tones, MailTones can pop up and alert on your iPhone, showing the sender and subject of your new message - so you know instantly whether you need to launch Mail and read the message, or if it can wait.

One useful way to use MailTones is to set your default mail tone to silent, or ignore, and just set tones for people and subjects you want to know about - then when your iPhone beeps, you'll know its a mail message that matters.

Many MailTones users use the app to get notification of system alerts or important alarms, using it in the same way as a pager.

When you run MailTones, we'll give you a special email address - forward a copy of your email to that address and any mail you receive will make your iPhone beep with your chosen tone.

You can choose to copy all your email to, or use filters on your original email to just forward some messages. Whenever mail for you arrives at our server, we send a Push message to your iPhone - causing it to beep, whistle, ring or croak!

Screenshot of MailTones for iphone