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Learn all about MailTones for BlackBerry

Always missing new messages on your BlackBerry, or checking every message for the one you're waiting for?

MailTones lets you set distinctive new email sounds for your special contacts and messages, so you'll always know who's emailing you - instantly.

To take a free trial, visit with your BlackBerry web browser, or buy MailTones now and get going straight away.

Screenshot of MailTones for BlackBerry
Screenshot of MailTones for BlackBerry

MailTones lets you easily pick new email sounds - for all your email, or just the contacts, groups and subjects that are important to you.

One useful way to use MailTones is to set your default mail tone to silent, and just set tones for people and messages you want to know about - then when your BlackBerry beeps, you'll know its a mail message that matters.

MailTones comes with a set of distinctive professional and attention grabbing tones, or you can use any of your MP3's or download new alert tones from the web.

MailTones integrates well with your BlackBerry email - we've even added a menu to the Mail app, so you can choose any message from your inbox and easily pick a Mail Tone for it - without leaving the Mail app!

MailTones also brings great flexibility to your BlackBerry email - you can customise the way it plays exactly to your tastes. You can even set a "Do Not Disturb" period, so your email won't disturb you in the evening or over the weekend!

MailTones runs on BlackBerry Storm, Tour, Curve, Bold and Pearl - Buy MailTones Today!

Screenshot of MailTones for BlackBerry